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Hosted Beta Maps
** If you are an AHL mapper in need of webspace to host your betas for testing, contact me and I will try to set you up. They are kept in the above directory.

Replacement Rain & Snow Sprites (AHL)
These are better rain and snow sprites for AHL. Extract this zip to your HL directory, and the old Stormvale/Snowmax ones will be updated. Copies of the old sprites are included as well in case you decide you prefer them. Mappers are welcome to use these new sprites in their own maps as well.

Opposing Force Grunt Models
** Nicer than the default HL grunts; just put these models in action/models and they will be used instead when you play AHL 1-player!

Poke 646 Grunt Models
** From the excellent 1-player mod. Not quite as nice as the Op4 grunts, but still a nice change of pace. Put these models in action/models and they will be used instead in AHL 1-player!
Also, try Poke 646 if you want some more 1-player action.

358 Black and White Spray Logos:
** Before I learned to map, I used to make B&W logos for Half-Life. There are a ton of these, I can't imagine not finding something you like!

Grimwall's Replacement Gun FX

** A pack of replacement gunfire sounds that Grimwall ripped from Way of the Gun. These are set up to work with the Armoury on HoF. See the readme for more details.

Grimwall's Replacement Sound FX

** A pack of replacement sounds created by Grimwall! Be sure to see the readme for installation instruct
ions. Should work with AHL or any other mod.
** Replaces the glass/wood/concrete/metal sfx (when they break and falls to the ground) and also replaces the Ricochets.
** Explosions may be too much for those wanting "realism".
** All the SFX are reworked Soldier of Fortune sounds and they work well with Half-life (especially the glass-sounds).

Replacement Bullet Whiz Sounds
** A pack of replacement bullet whiz sounds. Submitted my l0tus,taken from DoD I think.

Old Kick/Bump Sounds
** If you hate the new 5.5 sounds as much as me, you'll want these. These are the old sounds pre-5.5 for when you diving into someone, kick someone, etc.

If you have any other goodies you think I might want to host here, just let me know!




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