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** I am revamping this page somewhat to make
it a bit less of an eyesore and to update it with
new maps, prefabs, and information. I will also
be making a portfolio, but that will be separate
from this general mapping site.


I'm happy that so many people have downloaded and enjoyed my maps over the years. Thanks to everyone. Keep on fraggin'!

** Started working on my new Fortress Forever map, Ramparts, in earnest finally. It's coming along well, and I finally gave it a page. Also added GE Temple, an old AHL map I did a while back, and made some minor website updates. Check out Ministry of Action for the latest AHL: Director's Cut releases!

- I'm Back!
** I'm making good progress learning Source by building a Fortress Forever map. There are a few early pics here. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a separate page for HL2 mapping or just revamp & expand this page. I'm a bit embarrassed about how cheesy this site is, though the layout and resources are pretty good. As before, I'm torn between spending my time making a pretty website with little content, or spending my time making lots of stuff to put on an ugly one. In any case, I'll definitely be around.

Oh, and some friends and I from work now have a CS:Source server and clan, go check out <G.E.A.R.>!


** Quite a break between updates! I may do a bit of tweaking to this site, but my Half-Life 1 mapping days are over. I am doing a little HL2 mapping, probably for the mod Fortress Forever, but I don't have a lot of time so we'll just have to see what happens. Anyway, enjoy the site, there are lots of maps and resources to take advantage of here!


** Time to wrap things up. I am about done mapping for Half-Life, so I'm finishing off all my HL-related projects and cleaning up the site. The texture and sound packs have been updated with some extra stuff I had accumulated, and I'll zip up the sprites soon as well. The DMC version of Revenant is available now, and I just need to change a couple things on the VS one to wrap it up. GETemple for AHL will be released as soon as I finish the credits. I'll be uploading a few more 'MIA AHL Maps', too. I'm going to do a small section detailing the work I've done on other maps like Snowmax and Monorail since I'm pround to have gotten to contribute to them. And.. well, that's about it. This site will remain here, along with all the files, but I'll start a new subsite on Cryotank.net for my UT2k3 mapping once that gets going. Maybe I can even make it slightly less ugly!


** I have been off broadband for a while, so not much has gotten done on the site. I just updated the Temple page, though. Other stuff I am working on:
** Temple Lite, a stipped down console-ish map.
** DMC/VS versions of Revenant, both about done.
** Getting more maps up on AHLMD, and doing reviews, as I'm now on staff there.
** I am having mixed feelings about what to map or do next. Part of me would like to do a bit more AHL & HLDM mapping before moving on to AUT2k3.


** I just submitted the final beta of Temple to Borg for AHL 1.0, so yay! I also did some work retexturing BulletBait's Monorail, which is looking good now :).
** Revenant review at Brandyfire, thanks guys!
** DMC Revenant is about done, just waiting for some feedback to release it.
** I still have the old map file for Temple, back when it was a Goldeneye conversion (lol) so I'm doing a quick reworking of that for AHLMD. It is different enough from the other version to be worth a separate release imo.
** Plexor has added me to the AHLMD staff, so I'll be doing some reviews, news posts, etc. soon.


** The HLDM version of Revenant is complete, download it HERE.
** Temple for Action Half-Life 1.0 is going great. It's been a blast in testing, and I hope to have a finalish beta by next weekend. I'll show some updated pics soon.


** There is a UT2k3 map named Meatpit now, which is kind of peeving me. The map has neither meat nor pit, it's like they either stole the name or picked it totally at random. Still won't stop me from doing a UT2k3 version of the map at some point, though it's really dumb that they used that name. Next time I copyright it lol!


** Revenant is done for AHL! Download it HERE!


** Revenant is almost done for AHL, and Temple is undergoing some serious revamping and retexturing. These will be my final HL maps, but I they will be a great way to go out! :D
** Made a page for Revenant, added a Snarkpit button. May update the Temple page too if I have time.
** AHL is in public beta testing, check HERE for info. You can play the latest Temple beta there, too.


** The public version of the Alice's Meatpit texture wad is available, check it out HERE. Just don't make any maps called "Meatpit" or "Hatecorp", those names are mine! :)


** Okay, this new map has a name now, Revenant. It's a small arena map done with Deathmatch Classic textures, and I"m planning on versions for HLDM, AHL, and VS (and maybe DMC is enough people bug me!). Beta 2 is now available HERE. I'll add a separate page for it shortly.
** I may be finishing up Extraneous for Spite. It's a neat little arena map, a bit like a sci-fi version of his Training Grounds map. You can take a look at his Beta 3 of it HERE.
** On a side note, Lunar is cancelled I think. If anyone likes the idea or wants the source, let me know and I'll send you the files.
** I'm still working on Temple. No, really. Really!!
** I'm learning UT2k3 mapping here and there. I'm just taking my time while I finish up my HL projects. Here's a PIC of something I started. Oh look, another one, great empty hallways! This may take a while!
** Alice said it would be cool to put together a zip of textures from Meatpit. This would include not only textures used in the map, but a lot of other textures and variants that were done earlier or which never got used in the map. There are even pink and purple walls, what more could a Funky Girl want?!


**New map in the works!! Check it out HERE!


**The Vampire Slayer version of Basement v2 is done. Pic and download here. Thanks to Ram One for asking me to make a VS version, it's good to know people are enjoying my maps! :)
**I'm working on a new arena map that uses the textures from Deathmatch Classic. There will be AHL, VS, and HLDM versions. Pics and info here!


** Battleschool received a very good review at the Hot Death Diner. Thanks Juim!!
** Both Basement and Meatpit received good reviews at Brandyfire. Thanks!
** I removed the Global Assault bashing. It's not fair to those who put so much work into running that site. Best of luck to them with GA v6.


**Here are some active sites for HL mappers to try for feedback and map reviews:

Snarkpit (best place for critical feedback)
HL Atlas
Atlas at ejoop
Hot Death Diner

You are also welcome to post pics, betas etc. on the

Action Half-Life Map Depot boards,

especially if you think you might like to make an AHL version- it's not hard, and I'd be happy to help you!


** Battleschool is done, in both AHL and HLDM flavors. Downloads and pics are here. Hopefully Hayt shows up again so he can see it!!
** At a player's request, I'm doing a Vampire Slayer version of Basement v2. It's about done and should be up in a day or so.
** I'm starting to learn UnrealEd 3, it's great.


** The new AHL version of Basement is up, check it out! I'm also working more on Temple. I came up with some new sprite-particle effects and 3D lightbeams for the map; I've never seen these effects in a HL map before! More on that soon hopefully.
** I will be getting back to Battleschool soon; probably have it done in a few weeks. It and Temple may be my last HL maps, though, as I want to move on to map for UT2k3 and Action UT. Lunar will probably get open-sourced along with a couple other unfinished maps. When I start mapping for UT2k3, I'll make a separate site on Cryotank.net for that; this site will remain up as a resource for Half-Life mappers and players. Maybe I can make my UT2k3 mapping page a little less fugly :)


** Uploaded a pack of flare sprites I created from Muad'Dib's flare texture pack on Wadfather. Check them out, they are quite nice! And be sure to thank Muad in your readme if you use them!
** I also got some new sounds from Brad that I will be adding soon, and I'm working on another sprite pack. If you have any nice sprites or sounds to share with other mappers, please send them my way! I will be sure to give you proper credit etc. in the readme, if you have seen the sound pack you know I'm very good about that!.


** I updated almost every page on the site!

Here are some of the additions:
** Images on most map pages updated.
** Newest versions of maps uploaded.
** Lunar, Battleschool, and Noir pages added.
** Replacement Snow/Rain sprites for AHL added.
** B&W Spray logo pack added.
** Sealed beta 2 added to MIA Maps.
** Ambient sound pack added.

There are still a few things I want to add or update, but things should look a lot better now.


** Whew. I finally got a new computer, and now I'm going to start properly updating this site. I don't plan any major visual overhaul, but I'll be adding more info on my new maps and some other goodies. Speaking of which, I put together a zip of ambient sounds for HL mapping. Get it HERE. It will probably get moved to the Misc Files section when I get things fixed up around here.

I'm probably moving on to UT2k3 mapping at some point soon, but I would like to finish up my HL projects first. When I do though I will start a separate UT Mapping page on Cryotank, and leave this site here as a resource archive for mappers.


** As usual, ages between updates. Been very busy with school. I do come bearing goodies though:

Low-Lying Fog Tutorial

Action HL Temple Beta 13

HLDM GE Basement Beta 1

Action HL Stormvale v2 Beta 1

I think you will find the Fog Tutorial very interesting!


** A Half-Life Deathmatch version of Meatpit is now available! Get it here!


** Just found a French VS clan whose website has my Vampire Slayer version of Hypersanctum! Look under custom maps here. They have lots of nice stuff to say too.


** Making a HLDM version of Meatpit. I figured, hey why not? It's not too hard and it would be nice to get a map out on the general review sites. May do GE Basement too (woo big deal).


** Finally got a beta of Noir out, get it!
** Doing some neat new stuff with Temple, but it's a secret for now :) Also helping with a couple other maps for AHL.
** Added a couple more little things to the small tutorials and hints section.


** New stuff! In Misc Files you will find some nice replacement sounds for AHL. I have also completed a new tutorial for HL mappers. This explains how to alter sprites so that they behave differently in the directions they face. I also have a small zip of some altered sprites that mappers may find useful.
** Should I make a HLDM version of Meatpit? If you want it, let me know. I'll do it, but only if there is interest. The AHL version runs in HLDM, but lacks the proper weapon spawns.


** Meatpit is done! Get it here! Yay!


** Meatpit Beta 4 is available! I'll have a final out next weekend if there are no major problems.. pics are here, please give me some feedback too! :D


** AHL 5.5 is out, rungogetit!

Get the Update or Full and
the Menu Fix
from Lambda Complex!

** Also, I am finishing up Meatpit. Final Beta tomorrow I think. It will be a considerable improvement from last beta, and may be out as soon as next weekend!
** The Stormvale page has been updated with more pics of the map, though I suggest you just get AHL 5.5 and play it!


** Good news, AHL Beta 5.5 will be out this saturday! More info at Planet Action! I can't wait to see what people think of Stormvale!
** I am getting close to the final beta of Meatpit. Here are a couple pics: Pic1 and Pic2. You will notice that there is more detail.


** Okay, still working on Meatpit. Just did a lot of work today; if I like this compile, then there won't be too much left to do for the final beta as everything else (.txt, .mat, .res, etc) is done.
** Liquidsheep interviewed me about Stormvale and my work on AHL 5.5, hopefully that will be up on the 5.5 media site soon. Along with 5.5 I hope, as I really want to play Stormvale and the othe new maps! :)


** Well things are finally progressing. Hopefully 5.5 will be out soon so you can enjoy Stormvale. I am doing a final beta of Meatpit for this weekend, so that map will be done very soon. No, really, I mean it! I may do a HLDM version of Meatpit as well if there is any interest. DQ's Noir is looking good now, though I am having some bug-issues because the env_rain in 5.5 wants to fall through the reflective ground! I know this can be fixed though. And I got a very positive response back from Borg regarding the work I've done on Temple since beta 9.
** My school work is intensifying but going well. Going to get my MA paperwork done this next week, and I should be "ABD" (all but dissertation) by the end of the year with any luck. Since school comes first, I probably will not start any new major maps, but I'll still be around helping out and maybe doing some smaller concept maps that I can crank out quickly. I'll also keep adding content to this page, I already have a beginner's tutorial sketched out. I may also make "prefab" maps for adding King of the Hill scoring and Crossfire effects to maps.

** If you haven't already, click on the above link to check out the AHL 5.5 promo site, including a great new video! My map Storm Vale will be in 5.5.
** Yay Planet Half-life mentioned my site :)
** I've already gotten a lot of positive feedback from mappers regarding my tutorials/hints- including a few corrections. If you catch any mistakes , or have anything to add, let me know! I will listen, I have already made several small corrections! Also, if you have any good mapping links I should add, or additional obscure hints etc, I'd like to hear about them!


** Pretty big update. I added two tutorials on r_speeds, which you can reach via the Tutorials button on the left nav bar. The "Hints" page has been moved into the tutorials section. There is a very basic r_speeds tutorial for beginning mappers, and a second advanced tutorial for experienced mappers. I included some obscure tricks in the latter, so even if you have been mapping for a while you might find something new there!
** Added a Misc Files section as well. It has a link to the Hosted betas directory, and a couple other things.
** Darth Punany's movie is out on the AHL 5.5 mini-site, take a look because it's great! Hopefully the new AHL will be out very soon, so you can all play Storm Vale!


** Just an FYI- if any AHL mappers need a hand getting their map betas to people, let me know. I will happily host your beta so people can download it to give you feedback.
** I will be very busy over the next schoolyear. Although I will continue to do what I can to support the AHL mapping scene, I may not be around as much. Also, aside from finishing my current maps, I don't know that I'll be starting any more serious projects. Excuse me while I go finish my Masters article, *sigh*. :)


** Updated Textures section. There is one zip of textures I converted from the web, another of textures I converted from the Max Payne stuff released by Remedy. I decided to go with zipped .bmp files rather than .wads because they are smaller in size. Let me know if that works out okay.
** Also updated the Links section big time. Be sure to read the 'resources' material on Chaincraft, so very useful stuff there.


** Added "MIA AHL Maps" section. This has a few maps by other mappers that I really like but either didn't get on AHLMD or were never officially "finished". If you have other suggestions for this area, let me know!
** I have two r_speed tutorials almost ready. One is basic, the other has more advanced tweaks. I have also done a rain/snow tutorial, which will probably be on AHLMD after 5.5 comes out.
** If you are an AHL mapper and have no place to host betas of your map, contact me and I'll try to help you out.
** I know I keep saying this, but I -will- update the links page, and do that "best of" wad weeding out the really crappy textures.
** I'm trying to think up other interesting content. Possibly reviews... a list/review of HLDM maps that are suited to AHL... grunt models from 1player mods that can be used to replace the HL grunts for AHL 1player. If you have any ideas, please let me know!


** Just updating the site's look for the move to www.cryotank.net, my new webspace/domain! I'm also adding a lot of additional material to the map pages etc- more pictures, information, etc. Also added a "Projects" section. It will mostly have info on maps that are not mine, but which I helped work on a bit, like Noir.

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